Andrea + Ryan : Jamaica

5 Things I learned about Ryan + Andrea while being in Jamaica:

1. Opposites attract; these two are a perfect testament.

2. They have the most amazing and welcoming friends.

3. They’re up for any and all adventures. 

4. Tinder has success stories. 

5. Waiting to find your person is worth it. 

From their first date to their wedding day, Ryan and Andrea have continually experienced new adventures, taken risks, and have always found time to stay grounded: they’re selfless and kind; funny and social (well, Andrea does most of the talking, but Ryan is a good sport 🙂 and most of all, their love and appreciation for one another always shows.

The Jamaicans kept telling us, no worries, mon! And they were right, the wedding day was effortless (minus the humidity) and all together perfect. 

Congratulations, Ryan and Andrea…May your love always be an adventure!








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